14 Jun

Why is Pouring Important?

As children develop their skills to pour, they are also developing other types of skills. Some of those skills you will see in the photos below the process of pouring.


Critical Thinking Skills

As children pour they have to think about how fast to pour, how long to pour, how far to turn the spout, when it is time to stop pouring which helps with mathematical and scientific thinking.


As children pour they are becoming aware that they can make decisions such as whether to stop pouring or to just keep on pouring and that their decisions will result in natural consequences.


Spacial Awareness

As children pour they begin to gain a better understanding of the amount of space they have to work with and how much water or sand or other is needed to fill up a cup or container and how much is too much.

Eye-Hand Coordination

As children pour they are strengthening their ability to control the flow of what they pour and they are developing their ability to be more concise in their pouring so they can master pouring into smaller spaces, opening, and containers.


As children pour they are developing their ability to take care of tasks on their own like serving their own snack and pouring their own cup of juice/water/milk.

Wishing you all an amazing summer!  Thank you for sharing your little darlings with us!

Morah Gail & Zack

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