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Last Week as Chickadees!

15 Jun

This year has passed by so fast, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of school. This week has been packed full of painting, playing, silliness, building, play-dough, music, and reading. It has been such a pleasure to get to know these children and to watch them learn and grow. The Chickadee classroom has been filled with love, friendships, and laughter this year. We will miss the Chickadees so much and we are so thankful for the truly great year with them.

Fun in the Sun + the Classroom!

8 Jun

It has been a great week in the Chickadee class, filled with lots of fun activities both in the classroom and out. On Monday, it was so beautiful out we decided to take another walk in Interlaken Park! This time we went further and went up lots of stairs! The Chickadees did a great job with all the walking and listening to the Morahs. They loved exploring, running, and touching the trees!

We were so excited to have some really sunny days this week and enjoyed playing outside on our playground! The Chickadees play imaginative games (usually involving super heroes), hunt for treasure, and race around on bikes and cars. We also got to do more water play this week! The Chickadees love painting with water, especially on the climber!

And of course we had a great week playing in the classroom too! Since today was rainy, we got to do lots of indoor art activities, including painting and cutting!

This week was our last day of My Gym. It was a great time and although we were sad to say goodbye to Moreh Ryan, we still had so much fun. The Chickadees played with balls, noodles, puppets, and even got to wear different kinds of animal tails! We are so thankful to Moreh Ryan for the fantastic year of My Gym!

Since it was rainy today, we decided to try a new project- Ooblek! Ooblek is a mixture of cornstarch and water and is very fun (and messy)! Every Chickadee was willing to try it, some didn’t care for it but others loved it and could have kept playing with it for much longer. We added a few drops of water color for the Chickadees to mix. They did a great job sharing their trays of ooblek with their partners!

It has been a fun week with this kids! We can’t believe that there’s only one week left until summer! We will miss these guys!

Enjoying the Sunny Weather!

25 May

What a beautiful week of sun and warm weather! The Chickadees had a great time playing outside this week. For the first time this year, we took a walk on the trail in Interlaken Park! The Chickadees touched and climbed trees, saw flowers, heard birds, saw a spider, and blew dandelion puffs!

The Chickadees also had a lot of playground time this week! We brought out our sensory table and filled it with water and toys. It was a big hit! We also had water bottles and paintbrushes outside and the Chickadees enjoyed painting with water on the sidewalk, playground, and building.

We enjoyed the sun some more by taking time to play in our Fire Drill Field. The Chickadees had fun playing with leaves, running, and watching Morah Nicola blow bubbles!

Of course, this week was also full of lots of classroom play! We also celebrated L’s birthday and her mom read us two very silly stories.

In My Gym this week the Chickadees ran through and crawled under foam blocks with Moreh Ryan. They always have to much fun in My Gym!

It has been a fantastic week in the Chickadee classroom!

Imagination and creation!

18 May

We have had a fun week in the Chickadee class! It was a joy to start off the week with Grandparent’s Day. We loved seeing the Chickadees interact with these people who hold a special place in their lives. Chickadees proudly showed their grandparent’s their classroom, engaged in table top activities with them, read stories, and toured the school. It was a very fun Monday morning!


The Chickadees have incredible imaginations! This week we saw so much elaborate pretend play. There were picnics, birthday parties, princesses, cowboys, monsters, music, and so much adventure! We are loving how well the Chickadees are playing with one another, as they learn to take turns, share, and work together.

We definitely have a class full of artists! Paint (whether with Dot Paints or brushes) has become a favorite medium. The Chickadees often mix their paint colors and employ many different painting techniques. Some of their creations are sent home and some are hung up in our classroom!

This week’s My Gym was a little different, but still so much fun! Moreh Ryan made us a giant tent filled with stuffed animals and balls! The Chickadees really enjoyed playing in it, running around it, and throwing toys through the hula-hoops.

We’ve had a fun, imaginative, and exciting week in our class! We are looking forward to a sun-filled next week!


Playing and Friendships!

11 May

This has been a great week with the Chickadees! We noticed how beautifully everyone played together this week. It is a joy to watch the Chickadee’s play grow and expand to include different kinds of play and new friends. We had a few days of warmth and sunshine this week and we took advantage of it by playing outside for a long time! We saw so much running, jumping, imaginative play with friends, riding, and climbing!

Of course, we always enjoy playing in the classroom as well. More and more, we see Chickadees playing and building together. We are so proud of how well the Chickadees play together and so impressed by their complex stories and imaginations. The Chickadees also enjoy independent activities like reading, sculpting, and drawing. They are often very proud of their creations, showing them off to us with a big, “TA DA!”

On Thursday we spent more time inside because of the rain. This means that we were able to do an art project! The Chickadees loved painting with the different foam paintbrushes. We saw dabbing, brushing, stamping, rolling, and some hand painting too.

We had a great My Gym on Wednesday! Moreh Ryan brought a rope for the Chickadees to jump over and crawl under. He also brought foam mats for them to tumble on! The Chickadees really enjoyed playing with the pom poms, especially when they pretended they were different animals’ tails.

It has been a fun-filled week in our classroom! We are looking forward to Field Day tomorrow and Grandparents’ Day on Monday!

Happy Birthday Israel!

5 May

What a fun, sunny, and busy week with the Chickadees! We started off the week preparing to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut on Tuesday. The Chickadees watched as Morah Nicola made blue play-dough (because it’s Israel’s favorite color!) and then the Chickadees made their play-dough into cakes for Israel. We sang Happy Birthday in English and in Hebrew a lot this week! We used blue markers, crayons, and stickers to make posters to hold while we marched in the Yom Ha’atzmaut parade. The Chickadees worked hard to make sure the posters were full and beautiful!

To prepare for the parade, the Chickadees practiced marching up and down the EC hallways and holding our posters and flags. Some Chickadees even wore blue ribbons around their heads or bodies! Even though the parade was loud and had lots of big kids, the Chickadees did a great job marching, sticking together, and waving to older siblings. We were so proud of them!

We also made a cake to celebrate Israel’s birthday! The Chickadees watched as Morah Aimee mixed the ingredients together. Each Chickadee got a turn stirring the batter and putting blueberries in. When it was all done baking, we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday to Israel. Then, the Chickadees enjoyed a piece after lunch!

We enjoyed the sun and took a nature walk on Thursday! We loved seeing so many different kinds of flowers. We saw them, smelled them, and used our gentle touches to feel them. This is also great practice for our upcoming field day!

We were lucky enough to have My Gym two times this week! The Chickadees practiced their balancing a lot this week, as well as taking turns and listening for the music cues.

What a fun week with the Chickadees!


Great Week Back at School!

28 Apr

We were so excited to see the Chickadees after Pesach break! We missed them very much! It was fun to hear about their Pesach celebrations, vacations, and experiences during the break. The best part was seeing how excited the Chickadees were to be back at school and to play with their friends!

In addition to lots of group play – both inside and outside – the Chickadees did a lot of independent activities like art, Foam Dough, and reading. We are so impressed at how focused the Chickadees can be during these activities.

We have begun to talk about Yom Ha’atzmaut, Isreal’s birthday, this week. On Tuesday, the EC will have a parade to celebrate. We have been preparing posters to hold while we are marching, The Chickadees worked hard together to completely color in this Star of David with different shades of blue!

It has been a really wonderful week in the Chickadee classroom!