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June 5th – 16th

20 Jun

Eagles Exploration and Learning

What a great last two weeks of school we had.  We celebrated four birthdays, got to do our last Story Drama outside, went on a nature walk, attended the school Talent show (the Eagles first experience of a school assembly) and of course there was the Graduation!

Story Drama


We were so proud of our Eagle students at the Graduation.  They worked so hard to prepare for the ceremony and performed beautifully!

Talent Show

Birthdays.  Happy Birthday to Sarah, Caleb, Shmuel and Eden!

Nature Walk


We would like give a big THANK YOU to the Marc Singer Agency (Farmer’s Insurance) for generously donating the following items to the Eagles class and EC this year: Two Little Tikes Cozy Coupe cars, natural wood building blocks, an assortment of animal figures, and two Ikea expedit shelves. 

May 22nd-26th

2 Jun

Eagles Exploration and Learning


The Eagles spent lots of time playing in the sandbox and at the water table, and painting with water outside on our warm, sunny days this week. Fortunately, the EC playground doesn’t get too much sun, so shade was always an option.

Spring Birthdays-Continued!

We celebrated Eliana’s 5th birthday (a little early) this week. Happy (almost) birthday!

Judaic Studies

In honor of Yom Yerushelayim, Morah Chani set up a shuk (Israeli market) with little chatchkes to purchase. Each child was given tickets and an Israeli coin to spend. She also prepared a falafel lunch, which could be purchased with one ticket or coin. Some children saved the extra “money” to get falafel at lunch, while others chose to use all of it at the shuk. Once lunchtime came around those children decided to return a toy in exchange for getting falafel. A good lesson in saving!

We also continued learning about Shavuot. Each Eagle should have come home with a mountain sculpted from clay, a vase of flowers, and a mini cheesecake in honor of the holiday.

Shabbat Party

We celebrated Shabbat with Eliana’s family, in conjunction with her birthday.  Thank you to the Schwartz Family for the yummy fruit and cookies.

Photo May 26, 1 11 37 PM

May 8th-12th

15 May

Eagles: Exploration and Learning

Fuse Bead Fun!

For quite a while now, the children have really enjoyed making creations with Fuse Beads.  They are tricky beads to work with, as they can be knocked off very easily by just a brush of the hand or a jiggle of the table.  We have been very impressed with the amount of concentration and creativity the children have demonstrated while working with their Fuse Beads.  This activity develops fine motor, concentration, coordination and patterning skills.  Working with Fuse Beads also helps develop patience, as the beads often fall off and the children have to start their creation again!

Judaic Studies

Introduction to Yom Yerushalayim

Morah Chani began talking to the children about Yom Yerushalayim.  She emphasized the importance of Israel, Jerusalem, Beit HaMikdash, and the Kotel to the Jewish people. Morah Chani also told the children how the Kotel wall was on the Arab side, but after lots of arguments,  it was moved to the Jewish side, and this why we celebrate Yom Yerushalayim.

Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Caleb’s family for hosting our Shabbat party this week!  We really enjoyed being introduced to the book “Being Wendy” by Fran Drescher.

Photo May 12, 1 12 03 PM

My Gym

Story Drama




May 1st-5th

8 May

Eagles Exploration and Learning

Eagles Flower Shop

This week we adapted our dramatic play area to be a a florist.  The children get to take flower orders, add up how much money the orders cost, and wrap the flowers or create an arrangement.  They called it the “Eagles Flower Shop”, and they made a sign.

Judaic Studies

Happy Birthday to Israel!

To celebrate the birthday of Israel, we started the day with a special Ti’fillah Kotel then we took a plane ride to Israel, made our own orange juice and ate snack in a Misadah Cafe!  We also made flags and hats and joined the Lower School in their special assembly for a parade.

Plane Ride to Israel

Orange squeezing and eating snack in the Misadah Cafe

Waiting for the Parade

Photo May 02, 9 26 01 AM

The children were very excited to eat the BBQ lunch!

My Gym – May the Fourth be With You!


April – 20th – 28th

1 May

Eagles Exploration and Learning

Eagles Agreements Review

Earlier this year we created the “Eagles Agreements”.  These agreements include, using strong and respectful voices, walking feet, staying in our ‘body bubble’, 1st time listening and helping friends clean up.  This week we had a group meeting to review our agreements and to make sure all the children were clear on what each of these agreements mean and why they are important to our classroom community. We will meet at the end of the day to check in with the children to see how they felt the day went and if they noticed friend, or themselves following the agreements.

Photo May 01, 7 56 30 AM

Lock-down Drill

This week we participated in a school-wide lock-down drill.  During this drill we are hiding in our classroom in-case an unknown intruder enters the building.  We kept our conversation with the children very simple and told them that we are doing this drill in case someone is in the building that shouldn’t be.  We also reminded them that this was a drill which means we are just practicing, just like we do for the Fire Drill.

Quiet Space

This week we added a small tent to the classroom to use as a quiet space.  This is a place where only one child can be if they are feeling strong emotions and just need a cooling down space.  The children can also use the tent if they just want to be by themselves and want a little quiet time.  We emphasized with the children that if you are using the tent for some quiet time, but someone else is experiencing some really strong emotions, that child probably needs it more.

Photo Apr 25, 9 34 35 AM

Rest Time

We have noticed that most of the children are not napping these days, so we have adapted our rest time slightly.  We still rest for 30 minutes, but the children are now allowed to look at a book right away.  They choose one book to look at on their mat for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes they are allowed to get up and change their book, but the expectation is that they still sit quietly on their mat looking at their books.  The children have been doing great with this new routine, it is still very quiet and even though the children get to look at books the whole time, they are still resting their bodies.


This week we got to celebrate 3 Birthdays!  Happy 5th Birthday to Bina, Ezra and Nina.


Judaic Studies with Morah Chani

Yom Ha’atzmaut

Morah Chani explained the celebration of Israel’s independence. We talked about how it is similar to our 4th of July with fireworks and joy. She shared that the Israeli flag is similar to talit with 2 blue stripes, also it has the Magen David, King David’s shield. On Tuesday we will celebrate!

Shabbat Parties

Friday April 21st

Thank-you to Bina’s family for hosting a wonderful combined Birthday and Shabbat party.

Photo Apr 21, 1 18 49 PM

Friday April 28th

Thank-you to all of Nina’s family that hosted this week’s joint Shabbat  and Birthday party.

Photo Apr 28, 1 11 44 PM



April 3rd – 7th

7 Apr

This was a very busy week in the Eagles’ class! While much of our time was spent finishing up our Haggadahs, which we hope you will enjoy, we also had a few special activities. To celebrate Ruti getting glasses, we had a glasses party. Ruti’s mom came in to read “Fancy Nancy’s Spectacular Spectacles” and each child got their own pair of sunglasses.

Morah Gail acted out the story of Pesach for us, with some props and lots of enthusiasm!

We got to play out on the northern grassy area (where we go for fire drills). We went there to dump out all of the dirt in our sensory bin, but with the many fallen twigs and pine cones, it was too much fun to leave. We will try to get out there more often for a change of scenery during some recesses.

Eden and her family lead our Shabbat celebration today. We had celery sticks as a symbol of Pesach, along with Sun Butter, and a choice of blueberries or raisins to represents the lice (or darkness, or frogs–as some kids suggested). We got to hear a story about a monkey who was looking for his mother that Eden’s Ima read in Hebrew while Eden translated. The kids really enjoyed their Shabbat party.

We hope this time off and holiday provide you and your family with some rest and restoration to finish off our school year.

Chag Sameach!


March 27th – 31st

3 Apr

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Hebrew Studies with Morah Chani

Motzi Matzah

We learned about the 3 matzot this week; Levi, Cohen, and Israel. The children added these, as well as, Korech (Hillel Sandwich) to their Haggadot.

Making and Eating Charoset

This week the children helped cut up apples and mixed in raisins, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and grape juice to make some delicious Charoset and ate it with Tam Tams.

Shabbat Party

This week’s part was hosted by Nina and her family.  Thank-you for hosting a wonderful party.


This week we read the Story “Dog’s Colorful Day”. We then drew the dog and put his colorful spots on.  The children did a great job following directions and being very patient as they waited for instructions to put on the next colored dot.  The children’s work is on display in the hallway if you want to see them.

Story Drama

This week Morah Anne Marie read the African tale, “Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile”.  A crocodile caught Mrs. Chicken and wants to eat her.  The children had to figure out how to trick the crocodile into not eating her.  In the story, Mrs. Chicken makes the crocodile believe they are sisters by switching their eggs.

My Gym

This week the children had fun with obstacle courses, truck races and we also learned a new dance! Moreh Ryan has taught us where to find our abs, biceps, and triceps. See if your child can show you.