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Thank you!

20 Jun

Thank you so much for the most wonderful year! We had such an amazing time with your children and getting to know you all as well. All three of us created a special bond with each of your kids and we are forever grateful for that! Enjoy our last pictures and have an amazing summer!!!!

So much love,

Julia, Eli, and Ronisha

Only one month left :(:(:(

18 May

Hi Hummingbird families,

As our last month of school approaches, we are feeling very sad that our time with your lovely children is coming to an end. We are in constant awe of their achievements throughout the year and we are so proud of them. They came to us as your babies and they will be moving onto the chickadees as hilarious and bright young toddlers!

These pictures really reflect where they are at now. They are constantly playing with each other, having full blown conversations, opening their lunches by themselves, focusing on one project at a time, attempting every playground activity, retaining an abundance of knowledge, and the list goes on!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha





Friendships are blooming!

28 Apr

Hello Hummingbird families,

If we could share only one detail about the hummingbirds since coming back from break, it would be how incredibly grown up they have become! The three of us have been in complete awe of the growth we have seen in their language, following directions, the ability to stay focused on one activity, sitting and listening, and the amazing friendships that are forming. The kids have shifted from parallel play to cooperative play and are fully engaged in their conversations. It has been so wonderful so watch.

We hope you enjoy the pictures that show the incredibly adorable and grown up hummingbirds !